dissertation literature review
21May 2019

Literature Review for a Dissertation – Gives an Idea about the Main Concepts

Dissertation is one of the lengthy tasks that students get from the college and dissertation review gives us complete idea about the main segment and steps that we are writing in this. A dissertation literature review delivers a vision to the student that the investigator has recite & have a decent grip of the main published work of a precise field. Writing a dissertation literature review could be a complex job for you. We are providing the best assistance to you with our best team members. They are ready to give the complete assistance related to dissertation literature review according to your requirements.

Points Need to be Included

  • Put the main published work or the existing literature.
  • Place the arguments surrounding your topic.
  • Describe the differing arguments, theories and approaches.
  • Analysis of the published work and it’s limitations.
  • Throw light on any gaps in previous research.
  • Explain which published work is more relevant & has contributed to your research

Structure of Literature Review for a Dissertation

  • Introduction: Clarify your research topic and deliver an applicable framework for studying the printed literature. Do not overlook to create your basis, feelings, proposals & point of interpretations. Always state the possibility of the evaluation in detail. This is one of the most important steps of the dissertation that gives the complete idea about the importance and benefits of this review. This step mainly helps the readers to get the idea about the useful points and explanations.
  • Main Body: You must give insight into the relation between your selected topic and the broader subject area. For example- growing mental problems in children and mental problems in every age group. This is one of the lengthy parts of the review that gives the entire information in perfect way. Always select the best and quality method to define this so that readers easily get the ide about the points that you are writing in this step.
  • Specification: Here we need to define some points with suitable examples so that people easily get the idea about the points that we are defining in it. Always define the main and important points in it so that you can easily deliver the entire information in one go.
  • Conclusion: In the culmination of your literature review, you should summaries the significant points of the published literature. Always offer parts for future education and link your investigation to the current literature. You must mention the flaws and limitations in the published work and how you’re contributing to ameliorate the research topic.

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